Early Childhood Education

Education ECECER is currently a leading evaluator of early childhood programs. CER has overseen the evaluation of over 50 separate early childhood programs and assisted in the state-wide evaluation of three major preschool improvement programs in California. Additionally, CER has served as the evaluator for twelve major preschool improvement programs targeting Head Start and state funded preschools – three of which have produced peer-reviewed studies accepted through the American Educational Research Association. Moreover, CER staff regularly present on early childhood assessments, data collection, qualitative methods, and approaches to continuous improvements of homebase and centerbase preschool programs.

Why CER?

The Quality Preschool Initiative transforms good preschools into Centers of Excellence. The Initiative uses a research-based, five-component process proven to lead to measurable increases in key indicators related to school readiness including early reading skills and cognitive development.

Why CER?

The International Child Development Program Standards address the necessary education, health, economic, social, environmental, and spiritual needs of every child. An accompanying evaluation instrument assists programs to determine areas of improvement.

CER has developed two important early childhood programs:

The Quality Preschool Initiative

The Quality Preschool Initiative (PSI) is currently being implemented in several preschool centers. PSI is a research based program improvement initiative that has demonstrated measurable increases in the language and literacy levels of children. Want to learn more? 

The Coalition of International Child Development Programs

The Coalition of International Child Development Program is the culmination of twenty years of research. The program consists of an international set of standards for child development programs and an accompanying instrument to help programs identify areas of improvement. It has been used internationally by orphanages and other child development programs. 

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